Northwest Sufi Community Teens 2022

Dear Northwest Sufi Camp Teens & Parents/Guardians,

Welcome all! We are looking forward to another year of Northwest Sufi Camp, especially in the Teen Program! If you are new to camp or to the Teen Program, we want to thank you for being curious and interested in adding the unique energy you bring to our sweet community. To those who are returning, here we go again! We look forward to seeing you all! We are ever grateful for the quality of community that you have helped create by showing up and just being yourselves.

The Teen Program is open to all camp participants aged 13-18 years.  Our designated teen center is an ideal place for us to create a container of safety where we can learn about ourselves and others and connect through an experiential program that we will co-create! As co-teen camp leads, we will be working to help make the program fun, engaging, and respectful of each teen.

We will be offering a 1-1½ hour structured activity each day, followed by two hours of unstructured teen time where we can relax and hang out together! Examples of the possible structured activities include discussions on consent and gender, guided journaling, and guest teachers to answer questions the teens have about Sufism, mysticism, and spirituality. Examples of the unstructured activities to follow include music, arts and crafts, yoga, nature excursions, and board games. We will likely also provide a few special late-night activities (such as teen zikr, campfire & s’mores) to be announced at camp.

For those returning after the years away due to covid, this format may feel a little different. We are adapting as best we can to our collective new circumstances and we want you to be a part of creating something new together! Feel free to reach out to us beforehand if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to share and, as always, bring your drums, guitars, board/card games and any other favorite activities!

With Gratitude and Anticipation,

Nate Matthews              Gayatri Kira Kull

206-861-4299                 415-847-6787