Northwest Sufi Teen Camp is a unique and inspiring safe haven for teens, ages 13 to 18. Our designated teen space has become a touchstone during camp, because we co-create a container of trust, safety, and authenticity, in order to learn about ourselves, connect with others, and to experience the week through a kaleidoscope of offerings.  Whether it is within your own self or family, the all-camp community, friendships at Teen Camp, or fun activities, this is an experience of love, harmony, and beauty!

We offer a rich optional program, including Teacher’s Tea, Young Men’s, Young Women’s, and Queer/Questioning Circles, late-night Zikr, and more. There will also be snacks available, art directives with supplies, swimming, and opportunity for games, with free time to hang out with friends.

Please note that teens do not actually sleep at the teen center and parents/guardians are responsible for their teens during all hours the teen center is closed. There are family rooms available or bring your own tents for the designated tent sites.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to have honest communication and agreements about whereabouts after hours and sleeping arrangements for teens.  The staff provides supervision at the teen center and swimming pool.

2022 Teen Camp leads:
Gayatri Kira Kull
Zia Laboff
Nate Matthews