All people are welcome to fully participate in NWSC, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, sex, race, national origin, physical ability, or other immutable aspect of their particular life experience. Campers are welcome to use shared rooms and restrooms corresponding to their established gender identity. Any questions related to this policy should be directed to the Health & Safety Committee. 

What to Bring: YOUR SMILE…. And: bedding/sleeping bag, pillow, towels and clothes for a week (weather may range from cool to hot, dry to rainy), warm jacket, personal toiletries, time piece/alarm clock, and flashlight. Cloth napkin/bandana for dining (help us reduce paper waste!), cushion, chair/low seat, festive clothes, musical instruments, personal mug or wide-mouthed water bottle, a box of your favorite tea, earplugs, roll of paper towels for tent or cabin, camera, insect repellant, sunscreen, swimsuit, beach towel, journal, special treats, comfort or specialty foods.

If tenting, bring your own tent and equipment. Bunkroom beds are small, twin-size, mostly bunks (lower bunk for sleeping, upper for storing your things). Shared room occupants are encouraged to bring ear plugs and/or sleeping masks!

Leave Behind: Pets and non-prescription drugs, alcohol, and pets. No exceptions!

NWSC has a no pet policy. If you have a certified Service Animal you wish to bring to camp, please let the Registrar AND Manager know in advance, so appropriate accommodations can be made. You will need to provide certification paperwork, preferably before arriving at camp. Companion and emotional support animals may not be brought to camp.

Service animals are of course welcome anywhere while performing their duties, but we request they be kept out of the food service areas at all times. We also ask that they not be brought into the main circle during dance, zikr, and all-camp classes. If you are unsure whether your animal meets the legal definition of a service animal, please see: 

Diet: The fabulous Cedar Ridge kitchen staff provides regular and some special diet needs. Please note special dietary needs on your registration. You may bring foods you need; there is shopping available in nearby Vernonia, and a refrigerator is available for personal food (be sure to label!).

Karma Yoga: Karma Yoga (KY) is an opportunity for spiritual practice through service in our community. Each able-bodied camper, age 15-69, contributes an average of about two hours, once during the week, in a variety of ways to help benefit all and keep costs low. The group camaraderie makes Karma Yoga an enriching and bonding aspect of the camp experience!

We are happy to offer online signup for Karma Yoga a couple weeks before camp. We will email all campers with instructions for early sign-up. If you are unable to participate in early online sign-up, you will be invited to sign up at registration upon your arrival at camp.

CAMPER TIPS: Check the schedule of classes included in the welcome email and select a KY position that won’t conflict with the classes/activities you desire to participate in.

Background Checks: NWSC board safety policy requires a public database Sex Offender check for anyone working with youth (Kids, Tweens, and Teens).

Dervish Bazaar: Sufi-related items are sold at a bazaar, usually held during the lunch break on two days of camp (Tuesday and Thursday). Vendors of art, jewelry, clothing, and other items are welcome. They should plan to provide their own tables and change; picnic tables may also available for their use. NWSC sells books and music; please do not sell these (except for your own releases) without checking with the Bazaar Coordinator. If you sell music, you may want to bring a listening device for buyer previews. Vendors who wish to leave their tables set up between bazaar days may do so, AT THEIR OWN RISK. A 10% tithe to NWSC is collected by Bazaar Coordinator on all sales. Contact Ayesha Goodrich at: 541-484-0287 for more info and to request a spot.

Health and Safety:

NWSC’s Health & Safety Statement and current COVID-19 Policy may be found here:

Health & Safety:

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