Northwest Sufi Camp

August 4-9, 2024


Tuned with the Infinite
and in Rhythm with Life

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan


 Last summer at NW Sufi Camp, we asked you to imagine picking up a golden thread, which connected you to the beauty and energy of that camp. You’ve carried it with you as you went back to your everyday life, as you made dinner, as you paid taxes, as you negotiated frustrations and disappointments.  And now we are halfway to walking that golden thread back again to NW Sufi Camp.


Our theme for 2024 is Tuned with the Infinite and in Rhythm with Life. To quote Hazrat Inayat Khan “What we lack in life is to be tuned with the Infinite and to be in rhythm with the finite. In simple words, to be in rhythm with the conditions of life and to be in tune with the source of our existence.


How can we live and practice in the world, see and feel the pain and the joy, but endeavor to not be pulled in and overwhelmed? This is the lifelong practice; to be in the world, to experience all of existence, but tuned into that eternal reality. 


This year we are pulling together a teaching staff to give us a chance to practice through their different modalities. We will have dance, zikr, turning and choir, as well as esoteric practices, walks and sacred history. We hope you will join us in August!


Iman Jackson and Alima Jackson

NWSC Co-Spiritual Directors