2024 Classes

Zikr Class in the style of Ishaq

Mostly seated Zikr class with a few surprises.

Ahura Grace Henke

Treasure Tales


Explore some of the history of the Ruhaniat lineage through storytelling and practice. Hazrat Inayat Khan wrote, “The germ of Sufism is said to have existed from the beginning of human creation, for wisdom is the heritage of all…” Passed down from hand to hand and heart to heart through the ages, the Ruhaniat has a rich inheritance of transmission from Sufi, Hindu, Buddhist and other wisdom traditions.

Additionally, Basira will focus the “Next Gen” daily circle, which will bring in a different teacher each day for an opportunity to connect deeply with senior teachers.

Basira Beardsworth

Community Choir
Zahir Karuna Moree & Chela Sloper

In this shared work around singing and the experience of singing, it is not at all cliché to say we want our singing class to be a time of great joy, ease with one another, and experiencing the many ways that singing enhances our lives.

This is what we hope for through our time together at Sufi Camp – that in some small way we will help people connect, or re-connect, with the “Music of the Spheres,” and be able to make and maintain connection with Her in their daily lives. May it be so!

Zahir Karuna & Chela Sloper

Embodied Practice – Center. Intention. Surrender.


The Core is Remembrance and becoming a clear channel for blessings to flow through.
Where is your attention, where is your prayer, where is your song? What is trying to manifest through you?

This class will draw on Mevlevi inspiration and has a physical component. All are welcome to explore this way of letting go of the focus on the world and drawing closer to the Source. It is only an introduction to the Turning, not an official Semazen training.

Kalama Reuter

Pathways of the Heart and Soul: Enneagram of Personality and Walking Practices

 “That which makes us esteem those whom we esteem is their ideal. That which raises a human being from earth to heaven is their ideal. And that which pulls one down from the heavens to the earth is also their ideal. When a person does not live up to their ideal, they fall to earth. And when one raises their ideal they go from earth to heaven. A person can rise to any height, according to the stature of their ideal.”
Pir-o-Murshid Hazrat Inayat Khan (edited: MKN)

Each session of this class will focus on exploring human personality through the dynamics of the enneagram of personality, its effect on our relationships with others and on individual clarity of purpose.

Through the astrological walks and elemental walks taught by Murshid Samuel L. Lewis, we will explore our personal view point that frames human relationships with others and ourselves.

Majida Nelson

The Cauldron

Join Saladin in exploring, discovering and building upon our true nature.
We will commit the majority of our time to experiencing rather than thinking.
The mind world is most often in conflict with the world of the heart, and we
seek harmony in the core of our being, harmony in nature, harmony within.

Saladin Pelfrey