2024 Covid-19 & Infectious Virus Policy

Given that evolving respiratory illnesses continue to affect the well-being of the whole planet, the board of Northwest Sufi Camp  is requiring the following steps to help ensure a safe event for all:

1.       If you are feeling ill or starting to experience symptoms of illness we request you please stay home and take care of yourself. If already prepaid,  we will fully refund your fee due to illness.

2.       If you develop symptoms during camp, please isolate and take a rapid test with nursing staff. If a camper tests positive for COVID, the camp as a whole will agree to mask indoors, except when actively eating, and eat outdoors to the greatest extent possible.

3.       We will maintain and have available items to promote a safe environment (ie; hand sanitizer, gloves for setting tables, and extra masks.

4.       While masking is optional for well-ventilated or outdoor activities, they are recommended, especially in places where campers are close together and en masse.

5.       Consent is imperative. Please ask each and every time before holding hands, hugging, or touching another person. This is important especially in the Dance circle.

6.       Although vaccination against COVID-19 is highly recommended, it is not required for attendance.

Northwest Sufi Camp Board continues to monitor emerging recommendations and outbreaks through the CDC and County Health Departments.