A healthy, safe camp for all is everyone’s shared responsibility.

Illness:  If you come down with a contagious illness before Camp, please stay home and take care of yourself; we will refund your registration fee! 

Water Safety:  Swimming is allowed ONLY with a certified lifeguard present. No night swimming!

Health and Safety Statement:
The Sufi Invocation expresses the intention of the Northwest Sufi Camp. We open our hearts; we awaken new energies; we move toward the vision described in the Invocation. We must be able to evolve in an atmosphere of safety. This includes physical safety, emotional safety, and freedom from coercion of any type. To promote the safety of all participants, the NWSC Board has developed the following guidelines for the wellbeing of the camp as a whole. Camp is an opportunity to train the nafs (ego nature). The Board does not want to play the role of police and believes that when participants are made aware of their role in creating the camp atmosphere, that behavior will be appropriate. However, there are specific behaviors that will not be tolerated:

  1. Sexual coercion, abuse, or violence
  2. Deliberate physical violence
  3. Use of alcohol or other controlled substances.


The Northwest Sufi Camp Board has established a Health and Safety Committee, whose membership is announced at the opening of camp, and periodically during camp. Any participant who feels unsafe for any reason is encouraged to speak to the Camp Nurse, Camp Manager, or any other member of the Health and Safety Committee. The Committee will review the situation and determine appropriate action. Our goal is always to work with campers and staff to resolve a situation before it becomes a major problem.

Although the emphasis is on the entire camp, we recognize that the teens may have special needs in this area. A mandatory meeting is held at the beginning of camp with all teens, their parents/sponsors, and Teen Camp staff to discuss how the teen community fits into this overall vision of safety.

We ask for your support in creating a camp atmosphere where every individual is free to grow and awaken without fear for their safety.