Murshid Wali Ali’s 2013 Talks

Photo of Murshid Wali AliMurshid Wali Ali Meyer, head of the Esoteric School in the Sufi Ruhaniat International and co-author of Physicians of the Heart, presents regularly here at Northwest Sufi Camp. (This year he spoke every day except Wednesday).

Again this year rather than selling CD’s, we are making the recorded talks available online and requesting voluntary donations to cover costs (we suggest $5 – $10 per talk). In this way we honor the spiritual ideal of reciprocity. Click here to donate online, or send a check today.

Checks can be made out to NWSC and mailed to Ananda Hazzard, PO Box 1034, Arcata CA 95518-1034

Listen now: (after you click the “Play” triangle you might need to wait for buffering before playback begins) … or download as an MP3 file for later use (to add to iTunes, transfer to an MP3 player or make a CD using your favorite CD burning program).
Warm thanks to Matin and Salih for the recording and post-production.

Why God is a mystery
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The best way to approach the realization of God –
and Remembrance of Haleem Jerry Hall
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We are all beloved ones of God – the whole Message is in that
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The Sufi Path of Initiation
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We can offer everything up
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