We are happy to offer NWSC Kids and Tweens Camp close to the center of NWSC. This area is specific for ages 0-12. If you are returning campers, or new to the Sufi scene, please feel welcome to drop on by and see what we are all about in the kids’ zone.

*Tinies and toddlers (0-2 years old): We love our youngest attendees. We hope that each tiny or toddler will join us sometimes, with their teen or adult attendant. Often children this age REALLY need to follow their own clock and schedule, especially in a camp setting with lots of people, smiles, song, sounds and unfamiliar housing.

*Youngers (3-9 years old). There is comfort, art, creativity, challenge, fun, song, dance, messes, field, food, swimming, and joy. Staff is experienced, musical, energized, and flexible. Mornings, we’ll be doing some group activities based on the element of the day. In the afternoons, we swim, then play in a field.

*Tweens (10-12 years old). The week will be filled with art, music, drama games, swimming, and field games. Tweens spend part of their week adventuring with their own adult.

If your child has special needs that require some assistance from you, your presence may be required to keep them safe and happy. Then again, we are flexible and competent, and your child might love just being one of the crowd, contributing in whatever way they choose. Please contact Kids’ Camp lead, Karima, with any particular questions and concerns: Karima Alison Halderman aloren.k@gmail.com

Here’s to love and joy among the trees of the Oregon coastal range!