2023 Classes

The Wisdom Body

Planetary Walks and the Enneagram of personality

During the week we will explore the Plantary Walks given by Murshid Samuel Lewis combined with nine personality energies (the enneagram).

By walking these combinations we can develop insight and internal support for whatever life presents. A joyful energy and freedom arises when our individual personality and universal energies are harmonized.

In a phrase, these practices help each of us to know and understand life better.
Participants do not need any prior experience, but should plan to take some camp time to reflect and absorb the information presented to get the most from the class.

Majida Nelson

Ten Sufi Thoughts

There is One… Through practices, prayers and readings we will investigate the ten thoughts that Hazrat Inayat Khan outlined as the essence of his teachings that would lead a spiritual seeker to the realization of their life’s purpose.

Nur Mariam

Zikr Class in the style of Ishaq

Mostly seated Zikr class with a few surprises.

Ahura Grace Henke

The Cauldron

Join Saladin in exploring, discovering and building upon our true nature.
We will commit the majority of our time to experiencing rather than thinking.
The mind world is most often in conflict with the world of the heart, and we
seek harmony in the core of our being, harmony in nature, harmony within.

Saladin Pelfrey

Theater of Healing and Transformation

We will work with engaging the entire camp with the “Pageant – Theater of Healing and Transformation” that will cook at camp. I will be seeding into each class opportunity for co-creative participation. This is following the way of the first decade plus of NW Sufi Camp.

Mariam Baker

God is Breath

One could say that the heart of the esoteric school can be summed up in the phrase “God is Breath”. Murshid Wali Ali following in the footsteps of Murshid SAM presented a year long series of classes striving to immerse us in the stream of blessings brought with each life giving breath. In this class we will attempt to explore a bit of their teachings. Through concentration, contemplation, prayer and meditation we will see what arises as we focus on the One Being.

Iman Jackson

Practical Practices for Everyday Living

In the tumultuous sea of life, how do we use our practices to provide a rudder? Together we will delve into the various tools our path provides, and build our ability to stay connected to spirit/source/unity as we live in this world. We will explore Breath, Wazifa, Meditation, Purification and the Walks. We will look at how we can integrate these tools into our occupations, into our relationships and families, and in our social spheres. Come on this journey with me!

Alima Alisa Jackson

Sufi Healing Practices for Healing Ourselves and Others

We will work with practices to develop spiritual healing for ourselves and others, as well as practices for guidance/intuition, breath and protection

Murad Finkelstein

The Young Adult Circle (ages 18-38)

Circle will meet daily for 90 minutes. The Circle is anchored this year by Basira Beardsworth. We aim to create a loving space of support and friendship. We shall share from our hearts and listen to each other. We will deepen our knowledge and experience in core Sufi practices as a foundation for our life.

Basira Beardsworth

Elders’ Circle: Wisdom Tales from the Path of Eldering

Many people do not even know that there is such a path, instead of just getting old. After a short presentation about changes in life’s third stage, the circle will be open to everyone to relate something from their life that worked or didn’t and what they learned from it. Rather than a class this will be a conversation where we can learn from each other. Suggested but not necessary reading: “From Aging to Sage-ing” by Zalman Schacter-Shalomi and/or “The Inner Work of Age: Shifting from Role to Soul” by Connie Zweig. Also good is “Come of Age: The
Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble” by Stephen Jenkinson.



Community Choir
Zahir Karuna Moree & Chela Sloper

Community Choir is a place to explore the joys of singing with others,
using our bodies as Divine Instruments. We’ll work with a variety of
types of music, all taught in the moment without sheet music or
recordings, exploring what happens when we sing with open hearts,
open minds, and open ears, in community. All voices and all
experience levels are welcome – choir is participatory and hands/voices
on. There may be opportunities during the week to take part in
ceremony with the greater camp, or to share some of our music with
them. Chela and Zahir look forward with delight to meeting all of you!

Zahir Karuna Moree

Chela Sloper