Onward — toward our 2016 camp!

Opening the Love Window!

We welcome campers, one and all, to swing open the love window, allowing the Divine to work through us as we fully embrace this experience of Being Human! It is often the challenge of the relationships –– within ourselves, within our communities, and within our world –– that keep us in a state of contraction and separation, that keep us from opening the love window.

In the tradition of Hazrat Inayat Kahn, this camp will share many ways to find the strength and courage we need to open to love, even when fear and anger stand boldly in our way. We will dance our way into our bodies, sing our way into the strength of our voices, and live welcoming to all in the beloved community that camp creates each year. In particular, we will emphasize the tradition of music, recognizing the mystical power of music to harmonize the discord in the inner and outer realms.

NWSC directors Arifa Byron and Amira Sara Pelfrey