The 40th Annual Northwest Sufi Camp

August 13 – 20, 2017

Toward the One the perfection of love, harmony and beauty, The only being, united with all the illuminated souls, The Spirit of Guidance.

The Hidden Treasures Of the Heart

Khabir Kitz

Come for the first time or return once again, to dive into experiencing joy, love, peace and beauty within our hearts and the one heart that unites us all.  Murshid Samuel Lewis most wanted us to embody these qualities. We will eat, dance, pray and be in community for another precious week, dipping into his legacy and more.

What are we birthing within our beings?

There will be dances of universal peace, zikr, choir, ziraat, universal worship, healing, Sufi teachings, practices, time for community and some surprises – stay tuned!         

In service to the One,

Ananda Hazzard, Spiritual Director 2017

Let the talkers talk,
let the praters prate,
Let the devil be the father of all lies,
But the silence of the desert remains most potent
To bring to light again the sacred treasures……….
But above all, those hidden treasures of the heart. 

From Murshid Samuel Lewis’s poem Saladin