Invitation (2021)

Dear Sufi Community,

What a year it has been! This the time when the director writes a Welcome to Camp letter, enticing you to come to camp.  It still seems to me like The Time is NOW to use the tools we have been given. We had a “taste” of the classes-to-come on Zoom last August 2020, and do not want to do that again. It’s time for the real classes to happen.

We imagined that we might be able to gather in person at Cedar Ridge this year but decided against it because of Covid restrictions. Rather than postpone the vision of timely classes to 2022, we decided to have three days of classes on Zoom and each teacher will have a full hour daily to present their material. Of course, taking “zoom fatigue” into account, no one is expected to attend everything. You can choose what to participate in, according to your interest.

Most of us had an enforced retreat “sheltering at home” for a year which gave us time to sort through our belongings, our gardens, and our psyches. These class offerings on Zoom will give us tools, I hope, to deal with our psyches as they are today. Mariam Baker will be our special guest teacher bringing Starburst/Star-birthing, SoulWork, and tools for navigating the stressful world in which we find ourselves. The SoulWork class with Yahya and Raphael will give us ideas of how to connect with all the parts of ourselves, with group SoulWork sessions. Vakil Forest Shomer will be available by Zoom after the three days, for anyone wishing a private SoulWork session in exchange for Dana (an offering of any amount).

Chitara David will get us moving in the morning with Qi Gong for early risers. Murshida Khadija will present her class which will be full of tools we can use, and Mu’id Evan will delight us with Kirtan and we can sing along at home. Jalila Malika will lead a class on authentic gender open to everyone, with walks you can do at home. Choir with Karly is difficult to do on Zoom, and Fana fi Gaia is better out in nature, so those will not happen, but we’ll be sure to have an evening Zikr!

We hope to see you there! And we hope next year in 2022 we can meet out in nature and hug each other! Ya Fattah!

Love, Haqiqa Nuri