May 12,  2020

Beloved NW Sufi Camp Community,

With great sadness and great clarity, I must report on behalf of the NWSC board that the 2020 NW Sufi Camp has been postponed to the summer of 2021, due to the ongoing dangers inherent in large group gatherings in this time of COVID-19. We are grateful that our current spiritual director, Haqiqa Hampton, and her teaching staff have expressed willingness to move their much-anticipated camp program forward to next year, and we look forward to meeting again at our wonderful new location at Cedar Ridge, reserved for the week of August 1-7, 2021. We are likewise grateful that Cedar Ridge has agreed to roll our entire deposit forward, applying it to our 2021 camp, which minimizes the financial impact of canceling this year’s camp. We hope that you will all mark your calendars and visualize our beloved camp community joyfully coming together just 15 months from now!

For those of you who have already registered and sent payment, please contact our registrar Alima Jackson at, and indicate how you would like us to handle your funds. There are three options:

  1. Have us convert your payment to a deposit on next year’s camp;
  2. Request a full refund, which we will promptly send to you; or
  3. Instruct us to keep some or all of your payment as a donation to camp.

Regarding the third option, we must mention that NWSC will incur several thousand dollars in already-expended or unavoidable costs for this year’s operations. We also anticipate a greater-than-usual need for fee assistance in 2021, and would like to begin now to work toward expanding our ability to respond to that need, aware that the economy is currently in dire shape and likely to worsen.

If you are among those fortunate to be financially unaffected and able to be generous, we would be so grateful for any donation you are willing to make to support Northwest Sufi Camp and its campers in weathering the hard times to come. Please indicate if you wish your contribution to be ear-marked for the fee assistance fund or to offset the camp’s 2020 losses – both are needed!

Finally, following the lead of the many Sufi gatherings unable to meet in the body, the NWSC board is organizing a Zoom gathering (or several) for the first week in August, so we can join together in the virtual realms and keep our connection to each other vibrant and alive. Stay tuned for more details to come!

Last summer, we experienced a different kind of transition, uprooting from a much-loved camp location and transplanting ourselves into a new place. Recognizing that it takes time to develop a sense of belonging in a physical landscape, I am especially disappointed that we must wait another year to re-connect with that place. I encourage you all to visit the Cedar Ridge website (, browse through the lovely photos, send good wishes to the wonderful folks who run the facility and are being hit hard by events, and whether or not you were able to attend in 2019, see yourselves walking the land and celebrating our reunion there. Praying that you all stay safe, in good health, and spiritually supported in the coming year. We are Northwest Sufi Camp!

Love and Blessings,

 Zarifah Spain          NW Sufi Camp Manager          541.337.4604