2022 Roots – Circle of Elders

Basheera Kathleen Ritchie 

I am very much rooted in NWSC, having participated and later taught regularly for 20-plus years. I recognize the call, both as an elder and therefore a root bringing forth the lessons of the past, but also, still, as a blossom and visionary for the future, blazing new paths and ever realizing new territory. I am honored to be asked and able to serve again.

Iman Tim Jackson 

“Inside the seed are blossom and shade. You are That which you are seeking.” The teachings and practices of Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan and Murshid SAM have been guiding lights for my life’s path. “The Friend’s house is your house so be not afraid.”

Kalama Reuter

Kalama is a long time student who appreciates being on the path with you! She is inspired by masters in many fields including Joanna Macy, Paul Hawken, and Rumi. She is developing the capacity to witness and hold what is challenging and finding the courage to show up to life.

Mansur Rodney Kreps

Mansur Kreps was found by Sufism 43 years ago. He has attended NW Sufi Camp since 1979, loved it every time, and wants to give back to it.

Nur Mariam Simmons

Hello my name is Nur Mariam. I have been traveling on this revelatory spiritual path for over 40 years, from Christianity as a child and teen, to women’s mystery school and pagan rituals in my twenties and thirties, to Universal Sufism and Buddhism currently. The process of discovering and opening to Unity is the Ishq and Nur of my heart.

This discovery process has led me to explore the beauty of being a Cherag in the Church of All, to be humbled as a guide to other spiritual seekers in the Sufi Ruhaniat International, to see the benefit of being an active companion as a certified Spiritual Director, to feel the grace of Divine Light flowing through me as a healing conductor in the Dervish Healing Order, and to share the gifts of Stillness as a Khilvat guide.

Saladin Pelfrey

Saladin has traveled with the Sufis (Sufi Ruhaniat International) since 1976; previously his journey was the path of Vedanta Yoga and Theravada Buddhism. As an Experienced Farmer in Ziraat, the concept of roots harmonizes deeply with his experience of close to fifty years formally practicing and embracing the spiritual/mystical journey. Living in the mountains of Montana, holding each day in the sacredness of nature and having the understanding that his roots are well nurtured is grace beyond measure.

Wakil David Matthews

Wakil David Matthews is an ordained interfaith minister (called a Cherag) in the Sufi tradition and a member of the Sufi Ruhaniat International order. He is also a guide/teacher in that tradition. He is an alumnus of Antioch with a Bachelors in Spiritual Studies, recently attended seminary and received his Master’s degree from the Starr King School for Ministry in Social Change, and is a certified Spiritual Director/Companion with training from the Interfaith Chaplaincy Institute. He is and has been deeply involved in social and earth justice activism for most of his life and brings an abiding spiritual perspective and presence to that work. Please check out his blog site: https://mysticism-spirituality-circle.com/