The 45nd Annual Northwest Sufi Camp

August 7-13, 2022

Quan Yin Williams – Spiritual Director & assisted by Ginger Nuria Lee

The Tree of Life is an universal symbol of Life found in all cultures.  The imagery undeniably rests in the biological facts of the placenta which gives us life in utero and is further representative of the connectedness of ALL Life. This year’s NWSC is the first in-person camp since 2019. Much has changed in the world since then and we have heard the voice of our community for diversity, inclusivity as well as a request for fewer numbers of classes to allow for less stress and more engagement.  We come together this year in celebration of Life and Community, honoring the Tree of Life, Roots to Blossoms.

Love and blessings, Quan Yin Williams, Spiritual Director 2022 & assisted by Ginger Nuria Lee