2022 Classes

All-Camp Class
Tania Rashida Villareal & David Jamal Coral

Special Guest Teachers

Rashida & Jamal will be focusing the morning All Camp Classes including:

  • Dance, Song and Histories for reweaving the unwoven
  • Underground railroad Zikr (this is a work with African-American religious songs)
  • Zikr
  • Cacao as spiritual guide (Drink cacao and be happy)
  • Traditional practices for dialogue with the land

Tania Rashida and David Jamal

From Colonialization to Liberation
Qahir Peco

A personal journey from childhood trauma to healing and liberation….
My class will be the first three days of camp. The other days of camp I will be available to have discussions with participants of the class if desired.

Qahir Peco

Sufi Theater
Gayatri Kira Kull

“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.” ~ Rumi

The recent experiences of isolation feel particularly poignant as we begin to re-enter shared physical space with our community. Through the mirrored lens of the personal and the collective experience, this class aims to examine and uplift the subtle connections that remain when we feel most alone and the individuality that persists even as we feel most at One with the whole.

Following the path laid out by Murshida Khadija’s guidance in the Sufi Theater classes of 2018 & 2019, we will create a unique performance to be presented at the end of camp. Using an array of vocal, physical, and spiritual practices, Gayatri will lead participants through a creative process aimed at self-realization and collective healing. Those who choose to participate are asked to commit to the class for the full week. All bodies welcome, no theatrical experience necessary.

Tawwaba Bloch

Gayatri Kira Kull

Everyday Awakening: Finding sacred moments in daily life
Alima Alisa Jackson

In the tumultuous sea of life, how do we use our practices to provide a rudder? Together we will delve into the various tools our path provides, and build our ability to stay connected to spirit/source/unity as we live in this world. We will explore Breath, Wazifa, Meditation, Purification and the Walks. We will look at how we can integrate these tools into our occupations, into our relationships and families, and in our social spheres. Come on this journey with me!

Alima Alisa Jackson

The Alchemy of Growth and Transformation
Nur Ali Jeff Ried

We can set the stage for growth and transformation through the practice of alchemy. Alchemy is a process of dissolving, desiring, seeing, and doing in order to move from where we are to where our spirit is asking us to move to. In this class we will learn this process through art, music, movement, laughter, spontaneity, and reflection. We will discover our place in this process and learn what is being asked of each of us right now. In doing so, we seek to support an inner call that is simultaneously unique and universal.

Nur Ali Jeff Reid

Voice as Divine Instrument
Zahir Karuna Moree & Chela Sloper

In this class we will explore:

  • voice as a tool for spiritual practice
  • voice as an instrument for harmonizing and attuning with others
  • care and maintenance of the voice, from both spiritual and voice therapy perspectives
  • voice and the development of magnetism
  • aspects of the voice that can be highlighted in different dances, zikrs, and practices

Zahir Karuna Moree

Chela Sloper

Focusing Services of Universal Peace

We gather in celebration and in service of peace in this world. We will celebrate our community being together once again, explore welcoming as a House Of Prayer for all People, and honor Gaia and the support of Mother Earth.


Mujiba Debbie Berkana

Jelal Jemal Kemal Basheera, Talia, and friends

Are you ready for something completely different? Come explore with us! This year we will try viewing ourselves through new lenses. Through the archetypes of the beauty of Jemal, the power of Jelal, and the eternal qualities of Kemal, let’s explore what lies below and within some primary aspects of our identities. Our exploration will be facilitated, but not taught; we will all very much be teaching each other and are very much aware that this is an area that the upcoming generation has a lot to teach us about–so we encourage you all to come! Can’t decide if you identify more with Jemal, Jelal, or Kemal? That’s the point! Let’s consider WHAT IS NEEDED in a given situation. None of us carries only the “Divine Feminine” or “The Sacred Masculine.” We all contain multitudes and we are faced daily with circumstances and conditions that call for us to respond in different ways. How do we relate to the various aspects of these energies and how do they shape our identities?