The 42nd Annual Northwest Sufi Camp

August 12 – 18, 2019




Heart speaks to heart, and soul to soul.
                               Hazrat Inayat Khan

Deepen your compassion.
Love the wounded places in you that need healing. 
Open yourself to the grace of illumination.
Give freely of your joy. 
Share your neighbor’s burden.
                               Moineddin Jablonski

43rd Annual Northwest Sufi Camp, Cedar Ridge, Vernonia OR
August 2-8, 2020

Dear Friends, 
           The Time is NOW to use the tools we have been given! 
LOVEJOYPEACEKINDNESSMERCY, and COMPASSION are needed more than ever by our Mother Earth and all creatures on it, in this great awakening. There is an urgent need for all of us to shine our light. 

          In addition to the original five rays we have been given by Hazrat Inayat Khan, there are many new rays emerging – many ways to serve, like the birth of a star, with rays bursting out in many directions. We have invited teachers to share the legacy they have received from Murshid Sam, from Murshid Moineddin, and from Pir Vilayat, as well as Inayat Khan. Classes will impart practical tools which we can take home and use to help us awaken and realize our true nature. That will help us keep our balance in a turbulent world and free us to devote healing energy to ourselves, our families and communities, and our Mother Earth.

          In an election year, I want this to be a place of rest, peace and harmony. Kirtan and choir will help us deeply relax and recharge, and lift our spirits.  I want this to be the most joyful camp ever, with lots of music and singing, Dances and Zikr! Also a place we can come to heal and gently release childhood wounds that hold us back, through SoulWork sessions. 

         Some of us fondly remember Eugene in the 70’s where Mariam Baker and Ishaq Jud started the Smiling Forehead Sufi Center and attracted the Eugene community. We all were 20-something and went from Eugene to the first Northwest Sufi Camp in 1978 at Breitenbush where they would lead classes with teachers that came up from California, like Krishnadas. How wonderful that our family has grown and now we still gather 43 years later with heart connections deepening every year! 

         Sheikh Ishaq said, “In the singing of zikr Allah are to be found the strength to live life in these difficult times, and the love and peace to be an agent for the transformation of the world.”  May this be true for all of us, and may any benefit from our prayers and practices go out to all the places and people in the world that need it.

Love and blessings, Haqiqa Nuri Hampton, Spiritual Director 2020